Day 2 – Here we go again, but with a wedding!

Its been a while since I have posted on this site, and that’s something I need to change. Not only am I back up to 255lbs, but I now have a wedding coming up in 180 days. When September 1st rolls around, I will be boarding a plane for Mexico. This time needs to be the one that succeeds, this time I really need to stop making excuses. I want to attend my wedding at sub 200lbs, so I have at least 56 lbs to lose. I have been off track for about a year now, and in that time I have managed to gain back all 30lbs that I previously lost. Since this is not the first time gaining back weight, I know that the first 15-20lbs can be lost within 4 weeks. The issue is once I get down to 222-225lbs, that was where I got stuck last time. Once I reach that point, I must really kick things into high gear.

Right now being 255lbs, even doing a 3 mile walk is tough. Its not that my muscles can’t handle it. Its actually my tendons that run down the sides of my legs that are hurting. Not only that but the friction of my legs rubbing together is also causing pain. This only happens when I am at this current weight, once I get the first 15lbs off, I should be able to walk much easier and even get up to 6 mile walks. I think for these first few weeks, I need to put more emphasis on my diet, rather than my exercise routines. My goal right now is to lose 15lbs, nothing more or less. The first 15lbs is always the easiest to lose for me, the second 15lbs takes a bit more work. I have yet to make it to the third 15 lbs lost. While I am currently near my heaviest, I have taken pictures and measurements this time, for the sole purpose of keeping myself motivated.

I remember when I got down to 225lbs, and I was disappointed because I still could not fit into a size 38 waist. I felt like I was hitting a plateau and not making any progress. Now looking back, it was silly….I had lost 30lbs! Pants that are now tight on me, were falling off without a belt back then. So this time I need to have measurements and pictures that I can reflect on and keep my spirits high. I have quite a few changes to make right now, but I am going to start off a little on the slow side. As much as I want to jump into the 4 Hour Body diet full speed, I think its just going to backfire like the last 10 times I tried. So I may not be 100% 4HB approved for the next few weeks. But weight loss is weight loss… as long as each Saturday shows less than the previous week, I will be just fine.

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