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4 Hour Body Breakfast Day 2

Day 2: Had breakfast and dinner, missed lunch

Today I woke up and had a somewhat healthy breakfast. Again it was three over hard eggs, black beans, pea’s and some strips of bacon. This was the last of the bacon that I had in the refrigerator, so it will not be present again until Saturday. Now after I got done with breakfast, I [...]

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4 Hour Body Dinner Day 1

Day 1: Dinner and Final Thoughts

Well its almost midnight and I have to say that day 1 has been a success. I finished up the night with some Boston Market for my final meal. Now I had originally planned to have a quarter white with two sides of steamed vegetables, but Boston Market threw me a curve ball. Not only [...]

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4 Hour Body Breakfast Day 1

Day 1: On Starting the 4 Hour Body Diet Again.

Its been a while since I have posted on this blog about my diet. The reason is because since my vacation last May, I have not had the willpower to get back on track. I did very well last year and made it down to 222lbs, but as of right now I have gained back [...]

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Bringing focus back to my weight loss

Back in April of this year I managed to bring myself down to 222lbs. That was right before I went on my vacation to Cancun and since returning I have gained everything back. I managed to gain 30lbs since the first week of May, now I really need to stop self destructing and get back [...]

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Gearing back up to lose weight and get this done!

I am arming myself with the tools needed to lose the 25lbs I put on since April 30th and to lose the other 12-22lbs that I know I should really get rid of.     Pictured above   Peanut Butter (only peanuts and salt) Almond Butter (only almonds and salt) Salsa (all ingredients I can [...]

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