Day 77: My absence, my weight gain, my return!

Wow it has seriously been a minute since I posted here. Ok so what happened? Basically in the month of March I started on a downward spiral. It all started with a last minute invite to a hockey game at the beginning of March. How could I decline being invited to a hockey game, but more importantly…..How could I eat healthy at the game? So I added an extra cheat day to that week. Then a few days later I got stuck in a huge traffic jam and the stress drove me to pulling into the nearest Chilli’s restaurant and having dinner. Here is the kicker though…..I was still losing weight come Saturday morning! Here are my weigh ins……

  • March 5th – 227lbs
  • March 12th – 225lbs
  • March 19th – 225lbs
  • March 26th – 234lbs
  • April 2nd – 225lbs

Yeah, I had fallen off my strict diet, but was still losing weight or maintaining my current weight. Then came the week of March 20th – 26th, where I put on 9lbs! While this may sound bad, its what I needed. I really needed to be kicked in the ass to put me back on track. Even after weighing in on March 26th and coming in 9lbs heavier, Last Sunday the 27th…..I hit Outback steakhouse for lunch and ordered Pizza Hut for dinner. On Monday the 28th I went back to the 4 hour body diet and also started hitting the gym again. Today I got back on the scale and what do I see????? 225lbs!!!! Yup, thats right, I am back down to my lowest weight again! So now I am renewed with drive and motivation for the next few weeks.

I am going to be really pushing myself over the next 4 weeks….as on April 30th I will be boarding a plane to Cancun Mexico for a 9 day vacation. If at all possible I would like to drop from 225lbs to 215lbs by that time. So each week I will be hitting the gym 3x per week and doing walks for a few other days a week. The one nice thing about falling off the diet was that now I know when I go to Mexico…..that when I return….the weight should only take a week to fall off.

Oh its time for some Cheat day pictures!!!!!

First up is a huge breakfast of scrambled eggs with cheese, scrapple, DOUBLE thick bacon, toast with nutella, orange juice, coffee and home fries with crumbled bacon, cheese, sour cream and green onions.

Next we have a Five Guys burger and fries…….ooooooh soooo gooood!

3 Responses to “Day 77: My absence, my weight gain, my return!”

  1. LOL! Sounds similar to my story. I fall off the wagon, avoid the scale, get back on the diet for ONE day, weigh in, and find myself at the exact same weight as when I stopped.

    For me it just goes to show how sound the principles of 4HB are.

    Good luck!

  2. Hey Robert nice write up! I had been wondering if you’d fallen off the earth, having followed your blog for a few weeks!
    Glad to hear you’re back into it, and got some good healthy motivation in the process!

    All the best,

  3. Welcome back bruhdah!