Day 1: On Starting the 4 Hour Body Diet Again.

Its been a while since I have posted on this blog about my diet. The reason is because since my vacation last May, I have not had the willpower to get back on track. I did very well last year and made it down to 222lbs, but as of right now I have gained back all the weight I lost….plus a bit more! So today I start my day 1 of being back on the 4 hour body diet. The last few times I have tried this, something always seems to come up and knock me off track. Heck last week I tried to get back on track, made it 3 days and then ended up in the ER room after passing out. Now this time I have quite a bit more tools to keep me on track and help towards my goal of ultimately getting under 200lbs. I will be taking the next few days to write quite a few posts about my goals, my tools, my rewards and such. Please feel free to take note of the new navigational links at the top of the page, as they should provide you quick access to many of the most browsed topics.  As of this morning my weight was at 255lbs, which is quite a lot of weight for my 5’10 frame. Last week I took full body measurements and will be posting them up later today with starting pictures.


Breakfast Day 1

4 Hour Body Breakfast Day 1

My breakfast consisted of black coffee, three eggs cooked over hard with sea salt and black pepper, three strips of bacon, a cup of black beans and a cup of peas. The breakfast was pretty bland compared to what I normally eat on a weekend. The bacon was the key factor in getting me through this tough transition. I would eat the eggs, then a strip of bacon, the beans, then a strip of bacon, the peas…..then a strip of bacon. Its pretty amazing how long it takes me to eat a healthy breakfast, versus a breakfast covered in cheese and jelly.

Lunch Day 1

4 Hour Body Lunch Day  1

Fast forward a few hours and I was hungry again after doing a ton of vacuuming. I had my fiancee stop by Chipolte and pick me up a chicken burrito bol. The ingredients for this lunch were chicken, black beans, fajita veggies (red onion/green peppers), diced tomatoes, corn and guacamole. I know that Tim recommends staying away from corn, but he also says that he buys salsa with black beans and corn. So I figure a tiny bit of corn wont throw me off track, especially considering what I have been eating for the past few days. Well that’s all I have for now, but I will post more throughout the day and week. For anyone who is interested in keeping up with my progress, you can follow me on Twitter as all of my posts here automatically tweet. I have also set up a newsletter that you can subscribe to, its managed by Feedburner (Google owned) and will email you the new posts each day between 1PM and 3PM.


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2 Responses to “Day 1: On Starting the 4 Hour Body Diet Again.”

  1. Glad to see you’re back on! Careful with your “tiny bit” of corn, though. You’ve got at least 1/4 cup there. In that salsa Tim talked about, there’s probably 1/4 in the whole jar and no one eats a whole jar in one sitting. What you’ve got there shouldn’t derail you, like you said, but it’ll be better not to make it a habit. :)


    • Yeah, the first week is always a shock to my system. So I allowed myself a bit of bacon and corn to help myself through it. Each week I will tighten up the foods I eat so that my results keep coming. I should be down 7lbs by this Saturday, hopefully down a full 15lbs by the end of next week (or the week after).